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A Short Summary of the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679

The Habeas Corpus Act of 1679

The Habeas Corpus Act was passed by the British Parliament in the year 1679. But what is habeas corpus and what is the significance of this Act? This Buzzle post has a detailed summary of the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 to help you...

Law Dictionary - Glossary and Meanings of Legal Terms

Glossary of law terms - Himalaya clause

Legal jargon can be confusing and incomprehensible for many. Nevertheless, most of us have to encounter these complex terminology at some point s in life. Here is a compilation of legal terms and meanings which can help you...

Stunning! Crazy Laws You Didn't Know Existed... Until Now!

Crazy law about buying ice cream

Did you know as per the century-old law, it is illegal to speak English in Illinois? Also, if you are caught eating peanuts in a Massachusetts church, you may be on your way to a jail term. As they say, fact is often stranger than...

Pros and Cons of Determinate Sentencing

Pros and cons of determinate sentencing

Determinate sentencing is the use of fixed-term jail /prison penalties, which cannot be influenced by parole boards or other such agencies. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of determinate sentencing, and learn how...

The RICO Act Explained

RICO act significance

In the United States of America, the RICO act is a federal law which helps prosecute organized criminal acts. In this Buzzle article, we will explain the various facets of the RICO Act, and learn about how it is used in controlling...

Explanation of Mandatory Sentencing

Aim of mandatory sentencing

Judicial discretion is confined by law in the case of mandatory sentencing. Judges cannot impose a higher or lower sentence, as they can otherwise, considering the crime scenario. Buzzle helps you understand about this important...

Motor Voter Law: Purpose, Summary, and Impact

Fact about Motor Voter Law

The Motor Voter Law or the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 aims at increasing opportunities of voter registration. Providing voter registration forms to driving license applicants is one such attempt. Buzzle gives you an...

What is the Logan Act of 1799?

Logan Act of 1799

The Logan Act is a federal statute which disallows American citizens from negotiating with officials of foreign governments on behalf of the united States, without being officially authorized for such a task. This Buzzle write-up...

The Concept of Tolling Agreement in Law

Concept of tolling agreement in law

A tolling agreement is a sort of agreement that cancels the right to litigation dismissal claim due to the statute of limitations. The following Buzzle article will explain to you the concept of tolling agreement in law.

Meaning of Void ab initio in Law

Meaning of Void ab initio in law

Void ab initio is a Latin term that is used in various contexts like literature, science, law, etc. Go through this article for a brief ove rview of the meaning and usage of this term in the legal context.

In rem Jurisdiction: Meaning and Examples

In rem jurisdiction meaning

There are several laws that are there in the constitution which guide the actions of the government and the court. In rem jurisdiction is one of this kind, and has been explained in this Buzzle article.

Summary and Significance of the Adamson Act of 1916

Significance of the Adamson act of 1916

When there were some stiff conditions for the laborers, in the absence of laws to protect them from the oppr ession of employers, several laws were passed at different times in history. One such is the Adamson Act of 1916. Buzzle...

Original Jurisdiction Vs. Appellate Jurisdiction

Fact about original jurisdiction and appellate jurisdiction

If you are not familiar with the difference between original jurisdiction and appellate jurisdiction, which is likely to be the case if you have nothing to do with the field of law, we will help you get a rough idea about the same.

Common Law Vs. Civil Law - Know the Key Differences

Difference between common law and civil law

Common law and civil law are two of the most important legal systems in the world, which were prevalent in the Imperial colonies and the colonies of other European powers, respectively. The following Buzzle article will explain the...

What You Should Know About Three-strikes Law

Three Strikes Law

The three-strikes law has sparked much debate due to the harsh punishments meted out to repeat offenders. This Buzzle article elaborates the three-strikes law and the impact it has had on the criminal judicial system in the country.

Child Abandonment Laws

As the cases of abandoned children are rising, there is a need for strict abandonment laws and a reliable social services system. To understand the family laws related to children, let us see the provisions of the legal system in...

Law Enforcement Facts

A compilation of some facts about law enforcement with respect to the criminal justice system in the United States, intended to shed light on its necessity for a crime free society. Continue reading...

Exclusionary Rule

The exclusionary rule was im plemented to protect the constitutional rights of American citizens. Read more about this rule and find out why it was implemented.

Euthanasia Laws class="og-img" src="" data-src="" alt="" height="137" width="137"/>

If asked to describe euthanasia laws in practice in various parts of the world in one word, most of the people are likely to come up with 'regressive'.

Impeachment Process

A summary of the impeachment process with reference to the United States of America, one of the largest democracies in the world.

Different Branches of Law

Law is a very complex and arduous subject; not something that everyone can understand easily. In fact, it goes well beyond its two most popular branches, civil law and criminal law. This article will shed some light on these two as...

Weird Laws in the USA

There are some bizarre laws in the world that will leave you speechless. Here is a collection of such weird and strange laws in the United States of America.

Car Repossession Laws

Laws related to repossession of cars are one of the most sought-after topics because of the hard effects of recession on the world economy. Let's understand what it is all about.

Stupid Laws in America

There is no dearth of dumb and stupid laws in America. Find out some of the most crazy laws in your state or city in the US.

Radar Detector Laws

The radar detector law s help the authorities in preventing the misuse of this device. Its use is banned in most countries, especially in military areas. Its laws for different states in the US have a lot of variations. They need to...

Maternity Leave Laws and Policies

Motherhood is said to be a beautiful and enriching experience for every woman. However, ladies who have a full-time career may face some problems while dividing the time between the newborn baby and their work. Every state has some...

Copyright Laws on the Internet

Are you aware that this ar ticle is protected by Internet copyright laws? Through this write-up, we define what is termed as content copyright infringement on the Internet and the laws related to it.

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